I suppose I’m overdue for an update. I actually have been working on it quite a bit, but making slow progress due to a number of reasons.

65. Corky got the tank all patched up nicely. He added a bung for a stainless steel vent to be installed, which you can see behind the fill cap. I’ve got the system filled and circulating fluid. That water pump is very quiet, if it weren’t for the sound of coolant filling the tank, you’d never know it was on. I put the spare in as well, there is still a fair amount of storage room up there. It helps that I cut down and threaded my spare tire bolt so that the rim could be flipped. I think I’ll leave off the fabric tire cover, seems kinda pointless.

66. My exhaust which I fabricated back when installing the first 2zz needed a little tweaking. It was a little louder than I’d like, a bit more than my TM single I had before. The larger pipes, PD (aka JNZ) DP, and 2zz probably made for a louder setup than my 1zz with de-catted OE header. So I picked up a Car Chemistry header insert. These come in various sizes and different levels of silencing. They are meant to be inserted into a header collector in place of a muffler, but I decided to put one into my exhaust’s “short” pipe (the one that makes a 180 bend inside the muffler and exits the driver’s side.) I still have a 2.5″ straight through exhaust, actually 2.5″+. It looks a little rough in the photo, it was a tight squeeze and required a few whacks of a BFH to insert (after I had filed it down quite a bit.)

67. I also needed to narrow the overall width of the exhaust, as it was too close for comfort to the frame rails, and I was worried it would rattle. I also upgraded to a V-band clamp instead of the stock style doughnut gasket and flange. This is much more solid connection, and much more precise alignment for the exhaust. Erik (Greenstreak) had the lower connection welded on at his shop, I did the exhaust side. Both flanges and clamp are stainless.

68. I had both the LR swap header and PD DP sent off to JetHot for their Extreme Sterling ceramic treatment. Here you can see the exhaust and DP all bolted up.

69. I picked up some of these PFTE lined spherical rod ends for the shifter cables from MikeV. I modded them a little for more movement, which Mike has now incorporated into the product. They aren’t going to work wonders over the brass or Delrin bushings, but every little bit helps and they do allow the cables to follow a more natural movement.

That’s all for now. I’m currently hacking, welding, and grinding the hell out of my rear crash bar. I’ll post up later with what I’ve done.


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