35. I’ve nearly completed wiring in the engine bay. In the previous update you can see how I added remote battery terminals. My battery is a Deka ETX14, a very small and lightweight battery, mounted in Corky’s horizontal mount on the lower cross-member. Since it is out of easy reach to jumper leads, I added the remote posts. I used 4ga power wire for this, also upgrading the factory chassis and engine ground cables to 4ga. All the wires terminate using some beefy cable terminals from Knukonceptz, which makes great quality stuff at fair prices. The battery terminals weren’t so great, I ripped a head clean off one of the large allen bolts and rounded the allen key on another. I went ahead and upgraded all the hardware to stainless bolts from McMaster-Carr. There is one additional 8ga wire running from the positive terminal, which will power an amp for my under dash sub (more on that when I get to it.)

36. Just a photo from the top down showing the battery posts and terminals.


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