Well guys, I got my transmission issue figured out. First off, let me thank everyone for chipping in advice. Special thanks to Curt for getting me pointed in the right direction. Now for the issue…. Let’s just say by buying a second transmission, I basically bought myself $700 worth of spare parts with my old one. Yep, no tranny problem, a Sammy problem. The idler gear engagement/disengagement arm was stuck below the groove it is suppose to ride in, effectively preventing the idler from ever fully disengaging. This meant the transmission was always in reverse, or at least partially. SO, after much swearing and bloodshed, I got it all fixed.

I’ve been working late nights to finish the rest of the car, aside from the trans issues. So without further ado, on with the show.

Sexy ain’t it?
New Downpipe

As you can see, I got the JNZ downpipe all bolted up with the NBO2 and WBO2 all wired in. Of course all this will be covered once I reinstall my Beatrush (C-One) underpanels, but I’m leaving them off until I get the rear aligned.

And here’s a top down view of the cleaned up engine bay. Looks nearly stock as I intended:

Spyder 2ZZ Installed


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