Well I suppose it’s time for another update. I’ve been working diligently every night. As always, this will be a photo rich post. Hopefully any folks planning to do a 2ZZ swap themselves can use them for reference or see what it entails.

First of all, working in a garage with a TV has it’s advantages, especially at 2am. Family Guy on Adult Swim keeps me motivated:

After much swearing, bleeding, having the engine slip off the wood blocks and crush my thumb, we finally got it in:

Another member brought up a concern about clearance between the RLCB and the Moroso pan. Well after much worrying myself, it all worked out. There is a minimum of 3/4″ wiggle room between the pan and bar. It’s tight due to the A/C compressor lines and the oil cooler lines, but it worked:

And here’s the cooler installed. The little brace required a little tweaking in the vise, but it’s mounted solid:

And now the next step in the project:

That’s a Borla transverse flow dual out muffler. It’s a good bit bigger than the TM Magnaflow single, so it’ll require a bit of maneuvering to fit. I got mandrel bent 304 stainless J-pipes and have cut them into 90 degree bends. I should have a welder here tomorrow to tack it together.


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