Well I got the transmission all finished up. Painted, shifter in, throw-out bearing and fork:


Got the Fidanza flywheel and ACT clutch on:


Then, after much sweating and cursing, got the engine and transmission mated:


Built a simple wooden stand for the engine/trans to rest on:

Don’t worry, those straps are merely holding the stand to the engine. The whole piece was strapped down tight. Kudos to Nissan and their Utilitrack!

Then the car was loaded up. This was quite an ordeal, as the sides of the trailer only gave a couple inches of clearance. This meant I had to drive it up, pop the top, get out, close the top, use some safety wire to roll the windows up, use another piece of safety wire to pop the hood, then disconnect the battery (keys couldn’t be reached.)

The Titan-Spyder-Titan sandwich:


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