BTW, got the shifter shaft all finished up. Would you believe that after all the help I received on here, I still installed it upside down? That’s what I get for working this late. So back apart it came:

Obligatory BFH in the shot.

And I suppose I owe a little update, this being my thread and all. I hope everyone likes pictures as much as I do.

LSD is installed, with new seals. Just waiting to mate the two halves, hence my questions regarding the FIPG earlier:

Engine taped up, cleaned, and ready for paint:

Another shot:


Manifold primed:

Manifold painted:

Manifold again:

Valve cover painted:

Picts of engine all painted and mostly reassembled:

Still need to grind down the water pump pulley bolts, as they contact the pump. Also the hoses as mentioned, new IAC valve, flywheel, clutch, and bridge mount. Speaking of bridge mount, are most of you just using hardware store bolts/nuts to attach it to the block?


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