1ZZ is out. Pulled it last night, as it’s just too hot to work during the day in the garage. No major issues. It took a bit longer than an average removal, as I had all that 3.0 bracing and Beatrush panels to remove. I was able to leave the RLCB in place. I didn’t pull the spindles, as I didn’t want to mess with all that and I was replacing axles anyways. The only other item that was a bit of a pain were the cable stays for the shifter ends.

Car lowered down so that engine/trans is resting on furniture dolly:
Engine Removal 001

Using cherry picker to raise car up over engine. I raised it enough to get the engine free enough to rotate as WhyT described above. Then I set it on jack stands, moved the picker out of the way and rolled her out.
Engine Removal 002

Whole lotta space now. As you can see, the AC compressor and slave cylinder were both left connected. I didn’t want to mess with bleeding/purging and all that mess.
Engine Removal 003

And of course, the beauty and the beast:

2ZZ and 1ZZ