Progress has been made, albeit at a snails pace (heat, bugs, humidity limit my time.)

2ZZ on stand in garage

No room in the garage for the poor Spyder.

I’ve received the flywheel, PFC and LC-1. The clutch, wiring harness, LSD, Datalogit and shifter bits should be in tomorrow. The header and mount are back-ordered and still awaiting the Moroso pan and lowered pick-up. I also have a new Borla 40477 transverse muffler and some mandrel bent tubing on the way to make a dual exhaust.

2ZZ on Engine Stand

BTW, I found out that the broke plastic piece was indeed a oil-pressure switch. I got a new one at a local parts store. I also picked up a water pump, but realized it had plastic impellers. Please tell me the OE pump is aluminum. I’ll be returning it, as it just doesn’t boost my confidence knowing such a critical component is made of plastic.


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