I originally hadn’t planned on a Sirius install, but I was getting sick of the local selection of FM stations, plus I was lucky enough to find a tuner on ebay for only $50 (they normally run $100.) My JVC HU was already Sirius ready so all I had to do was plug in a tuner and antenna.


The install of the SIR-JVC1 tuner is pretty straight forward and it includes everything you need. It allows you to “daisy-chain” with your JVC CD changer, so that the HU will run both. The antenna is a Micro, that is magnetic. I simply installed it through the third-brake light like is recommended for trucks. The light is easily removed by pulling the two small grey plastic covers located at the rear of the cabin ceiling. Once you have these gone you can see two nuts that hold the brake light on. Remove those and the brake light simply pulls out. The wire for the antenna was run above the head-liner to the driver side B-pillar where I ran it down to the floor. From there I ran it under the carpet below the driver’s seat to the center console where the tuner is located.

Sirius Antennae on Titan Roof

UPDATE: I have relocated the tuner, read next section for details.

I used industrial Velcro to secure the box to the inside of the center console. There’s not much room there, but enough. In order to wire the tuner to the HU, I unplugged the J-link wire from the disc changer and taped another J-link wire to it and pulled both through the carpet to the below the center console. I was able to do all this without completely removing the console. Then the new wire I pulled was plugged to the changer then to the tuner. The original wire that ran to the changer was plugged into the tuner. Reinstalled everything, simple as that and now I have Sirius radio!

Original Sirius Tuner Location

Change in tuner location:

After a long trip (7+ hours) my Sirius went into Reset 08 mode, which is just a generic reset fault. When it does this you lose use of the Sirius functions as well as the CD changer since they are daisy-chained together. I tried researching on a Sirius forum what could be the cause, but never found any concrete answers. But, something I did notice was that the side of the center console where the tuner was located was getting pretty warm to the touch. I concluded that the tuner was over-heating and shutting itself down. As you can see in the above photo, there isn’t a whole lot of room for air circulation.

So in an effort to prevent any more over-heating, I relocated the tuner to under the driver’s seat where the OEM sub enclosure used to be. I mounted the tuner to the foot heater vent using 6 black head stainless steel screws. I did this prior to another 7+ hour trip, and good news is that the tuner is working perfectly now.

New Sirius Tuner Location


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